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Dear #Teamiskn, Not to long ago the iskn slate tablet was received as a gift from a Patreon who believed this keen technology would be the answer helping this illustrator ascend new heights in their artistic achievements. Just last Christmas in 2016 my heart was warmed by the favor of good faith but even more so by how the iskn slate renewed my passions and challenged me in nurturing ways unlike other graphic tablets that mocked what effort gliding a stylus across ice-like surfaces most would not dare the prank fall if you could see the epic failure no artist wants to taste. No two graphic art tablets are alike but until the Slate, tablets were things to be afraid of! This tablet is helping to keep the distance between the quick pace my peers almost left this one for dust. The Slate has turned things around and has caught me back up with the strides of competition. Developing blue print patents for CEO's and helping a brands develop their identities has made 2017 my most optimistic year as a designer. Digital glitter with Industrial harajuku dream pop are just a few flavours to be sampled among the new contemporary art zine for print and social media I am establishing with whatever of the iskn's cuttingedge NeoVernacular style I can fit into the pages to be seen. Knowing how iskn Slate tablet can help many who may be inhibited by other tablets I also fear that most won't have the paitients when learning how to deal with the hiccups experienced along the way. Challenges to questions many are asking I am filming the solutions I have discovered that may help what many are not getting answered. There are solutions and processes that solve what interfere with the Slate magnetism and steps to over come electronic interferences. As a fellow artist and scientist I want to help with what feed back I can provide in my adventures with the programming of Slate and the inequities it faces in different operational systems. If there is anymore room on your panel of beta-testers, I was wondering if Iskn was still looking for artist who wanted to help, not just complain or look for the flaws in the Slate but to help the community to understand and improve what can become a thriving family as the iskn branding seems to emote. Love illuminates from our iskn Slate, a great product once acclimated, not without its minor kinks of course. Beta testing, happy to record my progress and post videos via YouTube and social media, helping others to over come what snags I have encountered and also helping the iskn community to take notice of what could be improved. Hopefully the slates reputation and expectations will live up to what artist have been hoping for not only in future slate models but to sustain the ladder foritifying iskn as a timeless brand. The Iskn Slate will most definitely be an asset within the myriad of projects this year is gratifying what talent I can put forth for the graphic novel and video game our team is developing. As we are producing, we are documenting and filming our campaign to be crowd funded my intentions are to make the iskn tablet a vocal instrument to be witnessed as our project comes to fruition. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help, beta testing and being apart of the team working on solutions to what Bluetooth or lack of CPU ports tumult I definitely have cultivated results with easy to follow guidelines in dealing with what problems many in the forms and boards seem to have encountered as brick walls finding positive outcomes for success. Creating some tutorials and providing an empathetic voice with answers to questions for those who wait it is not only the Slate who burdens but the community that are making their best efforts to make their new relationship an experience to enjoy. It is my only hope to provide a walk to remember in this time as we become one in this, my new friend who is my Slate. Those other tablets want to cash the Slate outside, no way, not my Slate. #Teamiskn❤️ #SlateSquad w/ Love- CLAIRE J. VALENTINE DESIGN : DIRECTOR : DE'RIEN 323-522-5983 [email protected]
Feb 22, 2017


Thank you very much for your message.

If you want to help us subscribe to the beta program on the bottom of the download page of our website.

Have fun with the Slate!

Steven for the iskn team

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