Trouble detecting ISKN Slate

Posted in General by Alan Gan Mon May 23 2016 20:03:05 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·11·Viewed 4,562 times

Hello, I was running through the VS MagicBeep guide in the Documentation, but when I ran the program, I could not manage to connect the Slate to the application. The only message I get is the "Slate could not connect!" The tablet is plugged in via USB and I've set it to the USB/Bluetooth mode. Is there a step I might be missing? Any drivers that I might need to install or system requirements?
May 23, 2016

To add:
On my first two runs, I was prompted to unplug and plug in the Slate. No prompt has appeared after those first two.

May 24, 2016

Hi Alan,

You were right about drivers, the Slate need them.
You will find them here:

Happy coding :)

Steven for the iskn team

May 24, 2016

Thanks, that did the trick!

marked this as solved
May 25, 2016

Happy to hear :)

Happy coding!

Sep 19, 2017

I am currently struggling to connect the slate on linux. Is there also a driver needed? if so, where can it be obtained?

Sep 19, 2017


On Linux maybe the problem is you don't have the right to open the com port.
You can open a terminal and type this to grant you this permission :

sudo adduser YOUR_USER_NAME dialout

And after that you should be good :)

Steven for the iskn team

Sep 19, 2017

Thanks a lot. Since I am using an Arch based system it was

gpasswd -a <user> uucp

instead (different cmdline tool and different group)
but it solved the issue. So I apparently managed to connect to the Slate with an EventListener written in rust-lang

Thanks for the help.

Dec 30, 2017

I have the problem that the driver does not properbly work with Windows 10. The slate ist recogniced as mouse and I cannot start the Graphic tablet mode. I tried several things, but it doesn't run. I didn't install the ISKN Software, i only want to use the Graphic tablet mode (ISKN with GIMP and INSCAPE). I have 64 bit System.

Jan 8, 2018


Sorry for the delay in our response.

If you can't open the configurator (nothing happen - no errors), this probably because you can't open it twice and so the configurator is opened somewhere.
Normally the "Graph tab configurator" should start (minimized) automatically at startup. You should be able to open it by clicking of the little system icon, in the bottom right corner.

If you can't see this icon, please mail us at [email protected] (our official support) referencing this conversation. (This page is reserved for the API developers)

Steven for the iskn team

Sep 25, 2018

Hello, I recently received a iskn slate 10 as a gift. I'm having issues getting it connected to the computer. I keep getting an error message saying that the driver does not exist. Any way to fix this?

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