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Bonjour iskn team, I am wondering if there will be a API for the new tool? I am very interested in javascript programing. I am interested in drawing a button on paper and then making it interactive. Example: 1) draw circle. 2) if tap in circle, then open Web browser (Chrome,fireFox,Opera) Very interested in working with people that have accessibility issues. This device could really help. Please contact me with any questions and as always, I am so happy with how the device works......Great Job to everyone on the iskn team!! Bonne journée Robert DiBlasi We all learn by sharing what we know
Apr 26, 2016


Your project is really interesting!

Unfortunately, an extension of our API to use the Slate on a web-browser is not planned yet, but this is something we have in mind.

If you want, we can send you a doc that teach you how to build your own API with the Slate.
You will have to open the virtual com port (usb cdc), and then use our documentation that teach you how to communicate with the Slate.

Are you interested ?

Steven for the iskn team

Apr 26, 2016

Bonjour Steven,

Thank you for taking the time to write back.

Steven, Thank you for such a kind offer.

I am interested in receiving A document that could teach me how to build my own API with the Slate.

It would be very interesting to draw out User Interface with paper and attach functionality to drawing.

This could leadto some unique use cases for the Slate.
If "intelligence" can be added to input, then functionality could be added too!

The individuals with disabilities could fine the stick input more satisfying. I have purchased "The Ring" and find it most interesting.

Robert DiBlasi
We all learn be sharing what we know
digitalinknotes [@] gmail [.]com

Apr 27, 2016

No problem, I will send you this documentation as soon as possible :)

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Nov 7, 2016

I would love to receive that documentation as well if that is possible

Nov 7, 2016

No problem, you can send me a request at "[email protected]".

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