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How can I access these features -- getLocStatus method which indicates the pen localisation status. getDisturbanceLevel method which indicates the maximum disturbance value reached ( this value is between 0 and 255 per sensor). getInnovation method which returns an array of 32 indicators of perturbation per sensor (those values are between 0 and 255 ). I've tried, a request and couldn't figure out which one it was... I subscribed to the event and nothing happens, and I tried ev.getInnovation() as well as the other ones with no luck, I'm coding in objective-c
May 22, 2018


The magnetic indicator features are available since the firmware version of the Slate 2 ( or firmware version for the the Slate ) so it’s mandatory to update you Slate firmware via the Imagink App for PC or MAC .

In order to detect the magnetic disturbance and use those features you should subscribe to AUTO_LOC_QUALITY like below:

slateManager->subscribe( AUTO_STATUS |

Then you can receive the EVT_LOC_QUALITY event by adding the corresponding case to the processEvent method like below :

EventLocQuality &ev=event.LocQuality;
NSLog(@"Localization status : %d",(int)ev.getLocStatus());
NSLog(@"Disturbance level : %d",(int)ev.getDisturbanceLevel());
break ;

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