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Hi. I noticed the slate sometimes doesn't pick up strokes. I matched my drawing engine in my iOS app to that of Imagink. So I experience this issue both on my app and the official app. Any ideas about what I can do to pickup strokes more effectively?
Dec 15, 2017

Hi David Kachlon,

Sorry to hear that, the Slate uses magnetic sensor technology that requires certain conditions for optimal performance.
The main elements that can affect the Slate's precision are:

  • Magnetic objects in the surrounding environment (other iskn pen or ring, magnets, headphones, computers, telephones, metal objects, etc).
  • WiFi or other Bluetooth radio signals that can interfere with the communication between the Slate and your iPad while using the Slate in Bluetooth mode.

Follow these rules for optimal results when turning on and using your Slate:

  • Place magnetic objects at least 20 centimeters / 8 inches away (other iskn pen or ring, magnets, headphones, computers, telephones, metal objects,etc).
  • Make also sure that you do not place the iskn pen or the ring you will use near the Slate when you turn it on, in order to not disturb its detection.
  • Make sure never to place the iskn Pen or Ring near the Slate when turning it on, in order not to disturb its detection.
  • Do not leave the iskn pen or the ring on top of the Slate for a long time.
  • Place your Slate at least 10 centimeters / 4 inches away from your device.

We recommend you also to keep your Slate up to date using the Imagink Application on Desktop. Slate's update improve the detection and the localization of the pen.

Rabeb for iskn team.

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